Nearby Towns

1. Kelso

3.3 miles from the Roxburghe Hotel

Kelso is regarded as one of the most beautiful and charming towns of the Borders.  With the largest town market square in Scotland, with Georgian and Victorian buildings looking onto it, you can imagine why.

Kelso is a thriving Scottish Borders town, with an extensive history. The unique town centre boasts an array of small independent businesses and traditional family run shops. The town stands on the banks of the river Tweed with its world famous salmon fishing and junction pool.

It is in an ideal location for exploring The Scottish Borders and North-Northumberland. You will find Kelso full of fascinating history with the beautiful Kelso abbey and Floors Castle, the largest inhabited house in Scotland; can easily be seen from Kelso’s Old Bridge. There are a number of surrounding villages which are as equally picturesque and each have their own personality, with sweet village shops, cottages and pubs.

Whether you are in Kelso to explore or just to relax, you can do so at your own pace. You could revel in the lively, cosmopolitan entertainment of Kelso, or enjoy the wealth of artistic and cultural activities running throughout the year, a particular favourite being Civic Week or you could sample some of the nicest cuisine in Scotland, or simply explore Kelso’s dramatic history.

This is a beautiful Border town with so much to see and do.

2. Jedburgh

11.9 miles from the Roxburghe Hotel

The pretty market town of Jedburgh is famous for some of its historic tourist attractions, such as Jedburgh Castle Jail and Mary Queen of Scots House.  It is also dominated by the beautiful Jedburgh abbey. Jedburgh hosts a number of specialist shops and outlets, including some award winning butchers.

This is a very pleasing town, with pretty painted houses lining the main street, and a fine selection of restaurants and tearooms.

With such a strong history it is not surprising that Jedburgh, along with other Border towns, maintain lots of traditions, including the Jethart Callants annual festival.

As an important Border town, Jedburgh is packed with history, but however it certainly isn’t all about its historic roots.  It is a living, vibrant, market town which has produced many of Scotland’s best rugby players, but keeps to a firm focus on the country life.  Jedburgh offers a superb quality of living when looking for a place to visit and enjoy.  It is very well known for its delightful pathways to suit walkers of all abilities.

It has its own little bit of character and will provide you with the perfect base to stay and is an ideal location in the Scottish Borders.

3. Melrose

18 miles from the Roxburghe Hotel

The triple peaks of the Eildon Hills are the most distinctive single landmark in the Borders. At their feet in the valley of the River Tweed lies the picturesque town of Melrose. Today, Melrose is a pretty town largely bypassed by the key routes through the Borders. This is probably just as well as for a small place it can be busy in its own right.

Visitors to Melrose are drawn by a range of attractions.  Best known is Melrose Abbey, which lies on the north east side of the centre of the town.  Close to the abbey is the walled Priorwood Garden, ran by the national trust for Scotland.

Melrose’s main annual event of the year is when they become the world centre for seven-a-side rugby.  Since 1833 the Melrose Sevens have taken place in the second week of April, with teams now from all over the world, coming to play.

Melrose is one of the smaller towns of the Borders, but it definitely still has a very big history.

The Town Square in Melrose or as some of us say, the Town triangle, is a lovely quaint little town and is beautiful preserved. Visitors to the town can enjoy free parking; local publications include a town plan, mini-guide and countryside walks You would really just love to sit and relax in the town square and watch everyday life pass by, it is that relaxing.

4. Coldstream

12.1 miles from the Roxburghe Hotel

Coldstream rests on the bank of the river Tweed and forms the natural boundary between Scotland and England. It is a neat town with many fine buildings on its main street.  It is home to quirky shops, public houses and beautiful views of the countryside.  Many people would be surprised to know that Coldstream was once home to “marriage houses” which existed across the Scottish Border. There is one such house by the bridge at Coldstream where, if not with any undue haste, then certainly without much ceremony, is where marriages were performed.  The nearby hirsel provides beautiful countryside and woodland walks, which are very peaceful and relaxing.

This is a small town with only a population of 1700 people. Famously the Coldstream Guards where raised here and of which Coldstream are very proud The history of this famous regiment is displayed all over the town. Another event that they are particularly fond of is Coldstream Civic Week, in summer which has the ride to Flodden Field to honour the dead of the battle of 1513.

This is another Border town with a lot of history and a lot of character, and is the first “true Borders toon”.

5. Duns

21.4 miles from the Roxburghe Hotel

The town of Duns is said to be a "place of legends", as it is the home to the famous racing driver Jim Clarks rally museum.  To this day the profound Jim Clark rally still passes through Duns, and then finishes there on the 2nd of June annually.

Duns was formally the county town of Berwickshire in the Borders.  It still retains the air of an old Scottish Burgh with its spacious market square.

In earlier times, Duns' wealth and importance rested on its thriving livestock market and like many Border settlements, it has had a turbulent history, evidence of which can still be seen in and around the town.

There is plenty to do and see in Duns, including Duns castle.  The picturesque market square offers an array of shops, public houses and beautiful buildings surrounding the town.  The town also boasts for its places to dine whether it be through the day or in the evening.

This is another town that follows through with Border traditions, the return of the ridings, and take part in Duns Reivers week.